Week 8

Here are five international blogs that I liked this week.

I saw Emma’s blog from Italy. I especially liked her post about Italian food.

I looked at Sa Hi’s blog from Thailand. His post about Hurricane Katrina was moving.

I saw Jennifer’s blog from Vietnam. I liked reading her post about Vietnamese food, pho.

I read Andrea’s blog from Serbia. After translating, I enjoyed her post about nature.

Lastly, I looked at Emma’s blog from Armenia. All of her posts were very detailed and well written.

Natural Beauty

A part of nature that I think is especially beautiful is the ocean. Although I do not surf, I go to the beach often and love being there. On warm days in the summer, I’ll take a trip to the coastline with some of my friends.  We’ll spend hours swimming in the blue ocean and basking in the sun. Looking at the waves and watching the sun set over them is what I live for.

For something that is completely natural and not created by man, the ocean is incredibly important for the world. 97% of water is in the ocean, and it makes up about three-quarters of the earth. It is also a prime food source and many people live off the ocean itself. So in addition to its amazing beauty, we wouldn’t even be able to live without it.

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These photos were both taken and edited by me.

Week 5 Activity 1

One food that’s extremely popular in America is obviously a hamburger and fries. At virtually every restaurant in the country, a hamburger will be on the menu. In fact, there are a lot of restaurants and fast food places dedicated to hamburgers. The food consists of a meat patty with a bread bun on either side of it. Usually things like lettuce, tomato, cheese, onions, and anything desired can be added as well.

hamburger with fries


Week 5 Activity 2

Where I live and at my school, school lunches are pretty good. Most of the time, the school offers food from places like Fresh Brothers and Pick Up Stix. These places have food like pizza and chicken and rice. The lunches are fast and not very expensive, but of course they could always be healthier.

Week 5 Activity 4

I visited five blogs from kids who live in other countries.

On Ella from Australia’s blog I commented, “Hi Ella! I see you are from Australia, which I think is really cool! I have family in the country, but I have never been. What are your favorite Australian candies?” http://ellahw06.edublogs.org/2015/10/20/being-online/#comment-9

On Jason from Korea’s post I commented, “Hi Jason! What is your favorite food from Korea? https://kidblog.org/class/hd56jason/posts/ci7rjblj36bih0on1w23dtw8j

On Filip from Macedonia’s post I commented, “Hi Filip! What kind of beans do you like to eat? Is there any food Macedonia is specifically known for?”  http://filip122.edublogs.org/2015/11/07/my-culture/#comment-27

On Bailee from Australia’s post I commented, “Hi Bailee! I am from the US but I really enjoyed your post about Australian food. Other than vegemite, are there foods in your country that are popular and specifically your favorite?”  https://2290bailee2015.edublogs.org/2015/11/01/australias-most-popular-foods/#comment-27

On Ardela from Albania’s post I commented, “Hi Ardela! What foods do you eat regularly in Albania? Are there any that are more popular in the country?”  http://34ardela.global2.vic.edu.au/2015/10/19/my-poem-about-the-wetlands/

Family Moments




One of my favorite times with my family was our trip to Yosemite about  a year ago. We left a day after my birthday, and I was originally upset about having to go. After hours in the car, we finally got to my cousin’s house in the park. I was stunned by how gorgeous the mountains and the waterfalls were. We went on hikes and explored the area, and I was so glad I got to go.


I received permission from everyone photographed to use this picture.


Week 3 Activity 2

One person who has passed in my family is my dad’s mom, Grandma Betty. I was only two years old when she died of breast cancer, so I don’t have many memories with her. Based on what I’ve been told, I wish I could’ve known her longer.  She was known for her cooking in my family, which was amazing. Even now, 11 years later, we always use her recipes and her creative ideas with food. Every year on her birthday, we celebrate her life and how much she has impacted us all.

Week 3 Activity 3

I’m Emily’s mom and I’m Writing about my dad, Ted Laudise. He lives with my mom in Duluth Minnesota in the summer and Key Largo in the winter. He retired from the US Air force as Colonel and Commander.  He flew all kinds of jets and served three tours of duty in Vietnam. My dad studied piano and engineering and grew up in Rosemead California.  He was born in New York and his grandparents emigrated to the US from Genoa Italy.  My dad can build anything, he and my mom built their lake house in Duluth.  He can fix anything, he loves to garden, fish and clean.  Just like me.  Except the fish part, I leave that up to Emily’s dad.

Week 3 Activity 5

This week in blogging, I have learned that adding photos to a blog can add interest and realism to a post. However, it is still important to give credit for photographers and get permission before using the photo. Although they are good to use, it is still important to use them properly.

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